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Dongcheng Group
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Founded in 2006, Dongcheng International Group is a hotel group that has risen rapidly in recent years. It currently owns Yicheng, Yishang, Yishang PLUS, Jincheng, Berman, Jingtu, City Convenience, City Select Hotel, and Dianying Hotel. , Bodun, Yinmo, Wu Mansion, Madame Belle Hotel, Feng·Attitude Hotel, Modern Sky Design Hotel 15 hotel brands, Dongcheng has more than 200 cities in China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Belarus and other countries. There are 2500 hotels with more than 160,000 guest rooms. In 2018, it ranked 15th among global hotel groups and TOP 5 in China in the international authoritative HOTELS magazine rankings.

Guangdong Aozhan Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. cooperated with Dongcheng International Group to participate in the manufacturing and installation of various series of hotel furniture such as Yicheng, Yishang, Yishang PLUS, Wanfeng, Berman, etc., and has won huge commercial achievements.

Divided into four series

1. Jincheng: Liuzhou Xi'an Shenzhen Xiamen

2. Wanfeng: Nanning, Hangzhou, Shandong, Taizhou, Jingdezhen

3. Yishang PLUS: Shenzhen, Wuxi, Foshan

4. Yicheng: Nanning Wuxiang Hangyang Changsha Wuhan Guiyang Shenyang


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