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Hotel decoration design we consider is the most comfortable, in the interior design, furniture and human activities are closely related, everywhere should reflect the "people-oriented" design concept; the second is its decorative. Furniture is the main role that reflects the interior atmosphere and artistic effects. Good furniture not only makes people feel comfortable and comfortable, but also gives people an aesthetic pleasure and pleasure. How do hotel interior design and hotel supplies and utensils meet the standards and requirements in the hotel decoration design process?
How hotel design considers furniture, utensils, and supplies
1, the main wall of the room, the main color of the ceiling light-colored, can be considered light yellow or light green; the material of the wall cloth is the preferred recommended material, consider wallpaper or murals. To reflect fashion, effortlessness, and romance, the walls of the room can be partially colored to increase interest.
2. The guest bedroom is furnished with warm wood flooring;
3, the light is warm color; the top set the main light, bedside and leisure chair above the idle reading light, desk set up a lamp, all lights can be achieved on the bedside switch control.
4. Taking into full consideration the needs of the weary traveler, the core area of ​​the movie-themed hotel bedroom is relatively independent and designed to make it inconvenient for visitors to stay clean and hygienic to meet the barefoot needs of the guests.
5. In the situation where the vast majority of movie-themed hotels are forgoing bathtubs, we go in the opposite direction. We set up small bathtubs in movie-themed hotels and do full articles on the services. Be sure to make the rooms safe to use. We can make tired business travellers get a hot bath after a busy day, making it a big selling point for us. The bathtub should be set up in the room so that you can watch TV while bathing.
6, corridor wall wallpaper, floor carpet. The color of the overall design should be bold. It should fully reflect the modern, fashionable and youthfulness of the movie theme hotel. It will make guests comfortable and comfortable in the room.
7, the lobby is simple and bright, stylish, but not luxurious. Modern materials, bold colors, and moderation, fully cater to the aesthetic tastes of young people and attract young people. Do not design the lobby with the aesthetics of middle-aged and old-aged guests. Do not pursue classicism and stability, and avoid using materials to match the grades.
8, the use of glass partition between the bathroom, fashion energy. The decoration materials are consistent with the spirit of the lobby. The selection of sanitary ware also pursues individuality rather than high-end colors.
9. Set up network access ports at the desk and bedside in the room;
10, design part of the yoga room, room to practice yoga space and basic facilities;
Hotel Designed Furniture and Supplies Considerations:
1. The designer must have enough experience and knowledge to achieve the best combination of size, fabric, and material so that the furniture achieves maximum comfort. Product comfort is first. Material selection is the first step. After choosing a good material, what to consider is how to use it. Material collocation is quite critical. Because different markets have different needs and preferences. For example, Germans like sofas harder, while Italians prefer soft feelings. Therefore, even if the fabric is the same sofa, its internal material will also be different. With the emergence of eco-design, people are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of materials. In their design, designers are increasingly focusing on humanities.
2. The production of purely functional requirements can only be products. Only by adding artistic elements can we have long-lasting vitality. The old-style furniture is properly incorporated into fashion factors, and the production method is changed. It is a new work. At the same time, designers must be forward-looking, to make sure that the works are not outdated within 5-10 years. For example, in this year's International Furniture Fair in Milan, some famous brands of furniture were exhibited several years ago. Still stylish and full of charm.
Hotel furniture design, whether from the perspective of practicality, or from an artistic point of view, or from the design method to consider, will eventually have to show an excellent sense of layering and perspective, to maximize the design and other indoor environment With integration, it always shows unity and change and overall harmony.
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