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Company Profile

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Hotel furniture manufacturer-Aozhan Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the "Furniture Manufacturing Capital of China" Factory Address: No.007, Third Industrial Zone, Hecheng, Heshan City, Exhibition Hall Address: Room 92, Longjiang Shili Furniture City, 325 National Road, Shunde District, Foshan City No. Aozhan is a hotel furniture manufacturer and supplier integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service. The products meet the green furniture standards, and are the first in the industry to pass ISO9001; 2000 quality system certification ISO14001; 2004 environmental system certification. At the same time, the China Green Environmental Protection Agency awarded: "Green Environmental Protection Certificate"; due to the stable product quality, quality supervision units such as Shunde Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and China Light Industry Product Quality Assurance Center successively issued "Quality Honor Certificate" and "Quality Integrity Brand" , "China's outstanding green environmental protection products", "Quality Trustworthy Certificate-AAA Level Chinese Quality Credit Enterprise". The design is elegant and generous, with classical, modern, European, Chinese, luxurious, simple and many different styles, beautiful and comfortable in appearance, exquisite workmanship, and has been at the forefront of the furniture industry.


Aozhan pays attention to the construction of modern management and corporate culture: based on the actual situation of the company, a reasonable management organization is set up in order to pursue steady growth. "People-oriented, customer-oriented", "integrity-based, sustainable operation", "pursuing transcendence, pragmatic innovation" are the core of the company's culture. Pay attention to the growth of every employee, care about the future of every employee, grow and progress together. Aozhan company is open to all rivers and recruits talents. At present, professional and technical personnel, professional management personnel, and design talents are gathered together. Especially in hotel furniture, woodworking and painting processes, it also brings together technical talents in the industry. Aozhan adheres to the quality policy of "quality-oriented, advancing with the times, and continuous improvement", and has established a strict quality management system from the procurement of raw materials and the control of the production process.

Austrian Exhibition, the introduction of woodworking machinery made in Germany and Italy, the German "CNN" computer automatic processing center, combined with traditional technology, the processing process is strictly manufactured in strict accordance with the design requirements, and the product quality is refined, natural and smooth, precise and delicate. The German "Hoizma4" electronic cutting saw has high cutting efficiency and small error, ensuring the plus and minus tolerance of each workpiece size <1mm, Hoizma4 automatic linear edge banding machine, edge banding and trimming are completed at one time, achieving high quality and high efficiency Edge banding effect; Italian ORMA three-layer hot press, fast pressing speed, high quality and stable quality; German automatic paint sanding machine, from base material to semi-finished products, the flatness of the workpiece is guaranteed. A production line that is more environmentally friendly and humane than the same industry has been built to ensure the safety and health of employees, promote the continuous improvement of product quality, and ensure product quality. Established a furniture sales center of more than 4000 square meters in Longjiang, which has made great efforts for the company's continuous, healthy and rapid development...

"Becoming an excellent supplier in the hotel furniture industry" is the eternal goal of "Aozhan people". After unremitting efforts, "Aozhan" hotel furniture is growing rapidly, and strives to become one of the more and more competitive hotel furniture brands in the hotel furniture industry. Since its establishment, it has successively served foreign customers in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, and Dubai, as well as Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Hunan, Liaoning, Henan, Hebei, Guizhou, Large and medium-sized cities in Guangxi, Ningxia, Tibet and many other domestic provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions have produced supporting furniture for hotel projects, and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers with reliable quality and superb technology. Aozhan people adhere to the spirit of "Aozhan" of being brave to innovate and actively pioneering, carefully making every piece of furniture with meticulous care, close to harsh rigor, and it is precisely this kind of focus that has made the unique interior of Aozhan furniture. value. Every piece of furniture is made with reliable equipment and traditional craftsmanship from material selection, cleaning, processing, cutting to finished products. Each set of procedures needs to go through multiple strict inspections and can withstand any strict and meticulous inspections. 

Austrian Exhibition-all products are the crystallization of the collective wisdom, sweat and skills of the Austrian exhibition staff. Aozhan people integrate their love of life and longing for life into every detail of Aozhan furniture bit by bit. Aozhan is committed to being your happy and comfortable support, and dedicated to providing you with environmentally friendly, comfortable, humanized and personalized hotel furniture.



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